January 2018

January 2018

One of my tasks as we make our way into 2018 is to start a new blog. Not being quite sure where to start, I thought I’d begin by taking a quick look over what’s been happening so far this year.


As things go, January has been a pretty good month. We started the New Year off with the company awards where we were thrilled to win the ‘2017 Site of the Year’ award. It was a fantastic moment to cap off what had been a year of hard work.


As well as a great win for SGT Peppers it was great win for Mathew Street as a whole. At times the street can be overlooked, especially in our company where there are so many other successful venues on the other side of town.


But Mathew Street is looking very different than what it was a few years back and SGT Peppers has been one of the venues leading that change. People have got preconceptions about the street but if they come down here in 2018 I think they will be pleasantly surprised. We often see it when managers are transferred over to this side – some of them are literally dreading it, but it only takes a few days for them to realise what a great place it is for the city.


Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to one of our long serving Deputy Managers who has moved across to another site. However we very quickly got a replacement, and with that comes new ideas and enthusiasm. Now there are lots of changes being planned, both big and small, which hopefully you will start to notice in the coming weeks and months. We are looking at introducing lots of new products and there’s even been rumours of a cloakroom!


We’ve hit a few snags with our new cocktail menu, which has been frustrating as we were really hoping for that to be launched by now (November 2017 originally but who’s counting, eh?). I don’t want to predict when it will launch but it’s got to be very soon. There’ll be some great new additions and deals on there so it’ll be worth the wait.


We also welcomed our new Bookings Manager who will be taking charge of all of the bands. He’s aiming to be introduced to as many new cover bands and solo acts as possible, and very soon we will have our online Band/Solo submission form ready to go on this website – keep a look out for that if you’ve been itching to get onto our stage.


It’s looking then like it’ll be another exciting year here at SGT Peppers. Hopefully as many of you can be part of it.

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